Eclectic flamenco

The connecting link between the two friends is flamenco, land of origin for El Piru, land of adventure for Matthieu. El Piru was professionally trained in Andalusian, together with the grand masters of flamenco guitar. He rapidly built up a singular personal style, marked by a sense of elegance and a natural capacity to accompany the voices of the cantaores or flamenco singers. For Matthieu flamenco had been a revelation soon after he moved to Spain some fifteen years ago.
The compositions of this new duo have their roots in flamenco but fly away in complete liberty towards unseen horizons filled with the multiple soundscapes which both musicians have to offer. Not sticking to a determined style allows a very peculiar combination inciting both the cello and the flamenco guitar to take in turns being melodic or rhythmic, mild or passionate, soloist or accompanist.

The music of Matthieu Saglio and of José El Piru also enhances its value through a third instrument… Silence.  As if the slightest note would only be played in case of absolute necessity, silence meddles frequently among notes to let emotions vibrate. This mild coloured music full of hues could only be born from the fingertips these two heavenly music sculptors.


Matthieu Saglio & Jose el PiruPetit à petit
First album
with :
Matthieu Saglio (cello)
Jose el Piru (flamenco guitar)


José 'el Piru' & Matthieu Saglio - Haiti

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