Matthieu Saglio - el Camino de los vientos

El Camino de los vientos (NEW!)



New album: El Camino de los vientos (ACT, April 2020)

Featuring: Nguyên Lê, Nils Petter Molvaer, Carles Benavent, Vincent Peirani, Steve Shehan, Bijan Chemirani, Léo Ullmann, Ricardo Esteve, Isabel Julve, Abdoulaye N'Diaye, Camille Saglio, Teo&Marco&Gael Saglio Pérez

Ten years after Cello Solo, El camino de los vientos (The way of the winds) is the second inner flare along the very personal career path of Matthieu Saglio. The album vibrates from all the influences which forged the musical soul of the composer and cello-player. To give substance to this peculiar universe, Matthieu invited the musicians that were important to him, as a plain listener or as a travelling companion. El camino de los vientos is thus crossed by winds joining up from all horizons and carrying along with them major names of European jazz.

Matthieu Saglio - cello
Steve Shehan - percussions
Christian Belhomme - keyboard
Léo Ullmann - violin

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José 'el Piru' and Matthieu Saglio

Amura (NEW !)


Isabel Julve
voice, flamenco dance, clapping, castanets
José 'el Piru'

flamenco guitar, ronroco
Matthieu Saglio
Isabel Julve, fire and passion / Matthieu Saglio, the cello with a thousand accents / José “El Piru”, the flamenco guitarist with the velvet fingers: three musicians and as many unique musical spheres, forged along extensive worldwide tours. They combine now their talents to offer a musical experience of great sensitivity, deeply rooted in flamenco and nourished by their friendship. Undulating between joy and sorrow, their thrilling melodies express the whole nuance of human feelings.

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Cello Solo

Cello Solo

The new sound of classical music

Matthieu Saglio
composition, cello, sampler
Emilio Garrido
texts, voice

Matthieu Saglio combines classical tradition where Cello Solo’s roots are buried, with sounds and rhythms brought from his encounters across the world. In his compositions, you can hear resonating echoes from the Western cathedrals and souks of Maghreb, the Latin-American tango and the Iberian flamenco.

The figure of the French cellist Matthieu Saglio blends two factors together which works what seems to be the improbable: an indisputable ability from his classical training, to extract all forms of possible sonority from an instrument, and an opening of methods that have no stylistic or geographic limits, from which it is possible to draw a straight line that begins with Bach and reaches tango, funk, or oriental auras, without derailing his train in doing so.
El País - Carlos Pérez de Ziriza

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jerez texas

Jerez Texas

The fieriness of flamenco,
The freedom of jazz,
The elegance of classical music

Ricardo Esteve
flamencan guitar, composition
Matthieu Saglio
cello, composition
Jesús Gimeno
drums, cajón
After completing 500 concerts in 25 countries and 4 albums, Jerez-Texas have imposed themselves as one of the major references of modern flamenco.

Jerez-Texas’ music is a small miracle, or a big one, depending on how you see it. It’s the type of music you would listen to all your life. It’s the feeling of being lifted away by Isabel’s sinuous voice, Matthieu’s velvet cello, Ricardo’s sol y sal guitar, Jesús’ gypsy-like percussions…Jerez-Texas’ music isn’t flamenco, or jazz, or even flamenco-jazz, but rather something else that is difficult to describe, as there are no words that successfully manage to describe a dream.
El País – Chema García Martínez

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Nesrine Belmokh
lead vocal, cello, composition
Matthieu Saglio
cello, sampler, composition
David Gadea
Between jazz, soul and world music, in english, french or arabic, NES blurs out the frontiers between styles and languages to give birth to songs full of soul, switching from intimacy to lyric or explosions. Their first album 'Ahlam' has been released by the prestigious German label ACT in 2018, unanimously welcome and acclaimed by international critics.
"One of the albums of the year.” The London Times (GB), “The time of NES has come.” Deutschlandfunk (DE), “An immediate charmfull album” Le Monde (FR), “Of extraordinary generosity (...) simplicity, complicity and pleasure.” RTS (SW.

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José 'el Piru' and Matthieu Saglio

José 'el Piru' & Matthieu Saglio

Eclectic Flamenco

José 'el Piru'
flamenca guitar
Matthieu Saglio

French cello player Matthieu Saglio and flamenco guitarist José “El Piru” crossed their paths for the pleasure of our senses, resulting in a spontaneous dialogue, a simple obviousness, and ten chords composing a melodious rainbow arranged in uncountable nuances.

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Saglio / Ben Yakoub


Cool afro-jazz

Abdoulaye N'diaye
kora, lead vocal, composition
Matthieu Saglio
cello, composition
Alfie Copovi

David Gadea
Grass never grows on the road where people walk by », says an African proverb. That is probably why the musicians of Diouke, rather than following the beaten tracks, let their sensibility flow free, giving birth to a clearly contemporary style of music but nevertheless anchored into European and African traditions.

"Fabulous album, (...) which gives sense to the term “Global Music”.  I wish all the music born under the alibi of fusion would have such a laid-back approach."
Carlos Pérez de Ziriza

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Saglio/Ben Yakoub

Saglio / Ben Yakoub Duo

Eight strings above the Mediterranean

Fathi Ben Yakoub
violin, composition
Matthieu Saglio
cello, composition
The music which is composed by Saglio and Ben Yakoub feeds on their classic western repertoires and the Arab-Andalusian music which forms its own proper language and establishes a dialogue based on emotion and virtuosity.

Beyond instrumental and interpretive virtuosity-both musicians showed complete mastery in their respective string instruments- in aesthetic and stylistic virtuosity. Yakoub and Saglio have achieved this fusion, this mix of oriental and western, of North and South, hanging a silver bridge across the Mediterranean in which both musical expressions have found themselves and joined together to become one voice, one pulse, in a unique way of expressing emotions, feelings, happiness, daydreams and most definitely, sensuality.
Diaro Levante - Josep Lluís Galiana

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Fondation Menuhin International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation
Matthieu has the honour of having been named artist-ambassador by the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, which promotes the value of sharing, respecting diversity and transmitting culture. This also means the chance to take part in prestigious and unique events with musicians from many different countries and styles.

Resonace Résonance
Original work dedicated to early music led by Quentin Dujardin (guitar) and  Samuel Cattiau (countertenor). Resonance is touring in magnificent places with exceptional acoustics.
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Compagnie 1420 Compagnie 14:20
An imaginary journey, card tricks, shadow work, mischievous living objects... or how to turn magic into a an art full of surprises. Live music with piano and cello. Website :

Lorcamente Lorcamente
A  tribute to the grand Federico García Lorca in a flamenco art style, with voices, flamenco dance, guitar, cello and percussion.Video