Eight strings over the Mediterranean

Morrocan violinist Fathi Ben Yakoub and the French cellist Matthieu Saglio have hanged a bridge over the Mediterranean held up by only 8 strings. The violin-cello duet is one of the rarest forms of chamber music, a chamber whose walls were knocked down by Fathi Ben Yakoub and Matthieu Saglio, and left open for the wind to run through.

Despite their separate origins (classical Arabic oriental music for the former and classical western music for the latter), the two virtuous men have coincided in their joint interest of different music cultures of the world. The only thing left for them to invent is their own grammar to establish the dialogue. Fathi Ben Yakoub and Matthieu Saglio’s Project only has 8 chords, but all are significant.

The musicians

Matthieu Saglio got famous as a first level cello player with an atypical and very personalised profile. Over the course of multiple projects and making his cello vibrating like no one else, Matthieu has been opening amazing new ways for his instrument, venturing into flamenco, jazz, Arabic-Andalusian music, African music, etc. In his multiple projects, where he usually also is composer, he has given concerts in more than 30 different countries.

Composer and virtuoso violonist Fathi Ben Yakoub is one of the great specialists of arabo-andalousian music. He has worked with the greatest names in flamenco (Carmen Linares, Enrique Morente, Arcángel) as well as with the composer Michael Nyman.


saglio et ben yakoubDanza del Sacromonte
With :
Khalid Ahaboune (percussion)
Mustafa Ahkam (ney)
Aziz Samsaoui (qanun)


BEN YAKOUB / SAGLIO - Fantasia Nigriz

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