Camino de los vientos

Matthieu Saglio - El Camino de los vientos (ACT 2020)


After the success in all Europe of NES (album Ahlam - ACT 2018) and with hundreds of concerts in more than thirty countries (with Jerez Texas,  Cello Solo, Diouke, Résonance), time had come for the cello player Matthieu Saglio to dive into his inner self to contemplate his walked path. That intimate musical state of art is now between your hands and is called El camino de los vientos (The way of the winds). A unique and peculiar way that surprisingly followed the changing winds, blowing into many different directions. An inspiration of the artist presented along the way, subject to the comings and goings of discoveries and blending. In one word his musical life, accompanied for the occasion by noble companions.

For his new compositions, Matthieu chose to be surrounded by distinguished guests among references of European jazz, long date colleagues… and his three sons. The collaborators of this piece of work haven’t  just been plain guests: they all got great freedom to breathe inspiration into the compositions and impress their personal, inimitable, signature look.

The result is a varied album, with the cello as common thread, to be travelled along like a journey outside time. You will find compositions with solos and very jazzy improvisations, but also other pieces of more classical style with a taste of sound tracks, some others with African rhythms, Arab quarter tones, flamenco “palos”… 

Ten years after the release of Cello Solo, El Camino de los Vientos is the second intimate milestone on Matthieu Saglio's very personal exploration.


saglio et ben yakoubEl Camino de los vientos
With :
Nguyên Lê (guitar)
Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet)
Carles Benavent (bass)
Vincent Peirani (accordion)
Steve Shehan (percussions, piano, bass)
Bijan Chemirani (percussions)
Léo Ullmann (violin)
Camille Saglio (voice)
Ricardo Esteve ( flamenco guitar)
Isabel Julve (voice)
Abdoulaye N'Diaye (voice)
Teo, Marco, Gael Saglio Pérez (vocals)


Amanecer -M. Saglio feat. Nils Petter Molvaer (tr) & Steve Shehan (dr & perc)

El Abrazo - M. Saglio feat. Leo Ullman (violin) & Camille Saglio (voice)

Metit - M. Saglio feat. Abdoulaye N'diaye (voice), Steve Shehan (perc., piano, bass) & Teo, Gael, Marco Saglio (voice)

Live Album

saglio et ben yakoubLive in San Javier

Avec :
Matthieu Saglio: cello, vocals, composition
Steve Shehan: percussion
Christian Belhomme: piano, keyboard, vocals
Léo Ullmann: violin

Camille Saglio: voice
Isabel Julve: voice, flamenco dance, castanets
Abdoulaye N'Diaye: voice
Carlos Sanchis: accordion

Recorded live at Festival Internacional Jazz San Javier
San Javier (Murcia), Spain
23 July 2021
by Juan Carlos Tomás

Matthieu Saglio Quartet

Live Matthieu Saglio quartet Watch the complete concert in Brusselss (2020) - International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation


Steve ShehanSteve Shehan (percussion)
Sideman, arranger, sound producer or travel mate, he has been meticulously taping along to the rhythm for over four decades, together with a multitude of artists, singers, composers or film directors. His lyricism, his magic and rigorous work reveals an audacious style which made a revolution in the art of percussion and in world music.


Christian BelhommeChristian Belhomme (keyboard)
His background led him more to the byway of self-taught artists than to academic classes. Colourist musician, his taste for new meetings, journeys, as well as the many professional  projects in which he got involved, allowed him to expand his sound skills towards an asserted  eclecticism. In addition to stage performances, he has created compositions for the theatre, the radio, contemporary dance and original soundtracks of many short-films and documentaries.


Léo UllmannLéo Ullmann (violin)
Léo Ullmann started violin at the age of four and a half. He studied in Paris and at the "Koninkjlijk Conservatorium" of Brussels in the class of Valéry Oïstrakh. During his learning he took part in the master classes of: Laurent Korcia, Dong-Suk Kang, Pavel Vernikov, Philippe Graffin, Sarah Nemtamu, Stephan Picard, the Quatuor Talich... At the same time, and already as a young boy, he became passionate for Gypsy music and jazz, and played with regularity in concerts (Belgium, Italy, Germany, Netherland, France, Corsica, Hungary, Croatian, etc.) with the famous Hungarian violinist Roby Lakatos and his Ensemble from Budapest.


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