"It’s difficult for an instrument soloist on the cello to explore such foreign waters that are so far away from the pleasant river-bed of classical music. (...) A peculiar exercise of merging styles, classic virtuosity and creative improvisation."
El Pais

Matthieu Saglio discovered the cello following a classical route (received a gold medal in the Conservatory of Rennes, France, 1995), he soon withdrew from whatever academism he was involved in and began to approach jazz in 1996, he later began to get involved in various types of music. His capacity to integrate various musical languages to create it’s own universe has been his personal stamp.

An ex-agronomist in Valencia

In 2002, his studies in agronomy brought him to Valencia in Spain where he then settled. It was a country that always appealed to him. This decision would determine the end of his short career in agricultural science and would drive him towards a career being a  professional musician which happened the following year. The city of the orange trees was then in a period of musical growth where many of the most interesting artistic Spanish projects began to take root. Matthieu has two conclusive encounters there; with flamenco (“a real flash of inspiration!”, he remembers) and with Ricardo Esteve, noted flamencan guitarist.

Cello & flamenco with Jerez-Texas

The connection was instant between Matthieu and Ricardo Esteve. The two then contacted Jesús Gimeno, who plays the drums and comes from a jazz background, to form Jerez-Texas. The trio, who combine flamenco, jazz and classical music, begin to multiply their concerts so much that Matthieu decides to dedicate his life completely to music in 2003. With more than 500 concerts in 25 countries and 4 albums in the bag, Jerez-Texas became one of the major references of new flamenco.

Alongside the Jerez-Texas adventure, Matthieu increases his number of projects. After having performed for many years with the Sephardic musical group Aman-Aman, in 2007 he began a collaboration with the Morrocan violinist Fathi Ben Yakoub. The duo created their own musical language to hang a bridge of 8 strings over the Mediterranean. The first album which was launched in 2009 allows one to discover the fusion between classic Western and classic Arabic music.

Cello Solo: his solo escape

In 2009, Matthieu brings a project, which he had had on his mind for a long time, to life; a solo repertoire, with his cello as his only companion. Cello Solo invites one to discover a musical universe which is rich and coherent and reflects all the influences that have made an impact on the musician. During the concerts, the use of the sampler allows him to record various voices of the cello live, which amplifies the space and enriches the compositions. Also accompanying him is Emilio Garrido, the unmistakable voice from Radio3, with texts from his novel “Aire de Fuga”.

Collaborations merging into many different music styles

In 2002, Matthieu is named ambassador by the international Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, with which he regularly participates in original creation projects along with other international artists.
He also begins working regularly with the Compagnie 14:20, the light-house company of the New Magic movement, leading him to perform on stage with many other artists in auditoriums of the national stages network.
Over the years, Matthieu has been asked to take part in more and more varied projects going from classical music to improvised music, as well as jazz, flamenco and traditional music.

Résonance, an adventure in places with outstanding acoustic

In 2014 Matthieu took part in the recording of the first album by the project Résonance, together with the Belgian guitarist Quentin Dujardin and the French countertenor Samuel Cattiau. The band started touring in uncountable places with astonishing acoustic: cathedrals, churches, castles, etc. In 2019 a second album came to light: ”Illuminations” , recorded at the l'Abbaye de Noirlac with Léo Ullmann (violin), Bijan Chemirani (drums) and Doron David Sherwin (cornetto).

NES, an album released by the prestigious label ACT

In 2015 Matthieu launched a new formation: NES, together with the Franco-Algerian singer and cello player Nesrine Belmokh and the Spanish drummer David Gadea. The trio toured intensively and really started  taking off after recording  the album “Ahlam” released by the prestigious German label ACT in 2018. Unanimously welcome and acclaimed by international critics, their concerts keep multiplying throughout Europe.

'El camino de los vientos' new album with the flower of European jazz

Matthew's new album 'El camino de los vientos' (The Way of the Winds) was released in April 2020, again on the prestigious ACT label, and received much international critical acclaim.
For his new compositions Matthieu is accompanied by remarkable guests, references of European jazz, long-term friends…  and his three sons!

We will find there playing  Nguyên Lê (guitar), Nils Petter Molvaer (trumpet), Carles Benavent (bass guitar), Vincent Peirani (accordion), Steve Shehan (drums, etc.), Bijan Chemirani (drums), Léo Ullmann (violin), Camille Saglio (voice), Ricardo Esteve (flamenco guitar), Isabel Julve (voice), Abdoulaye N'Diaye (voice) & Teo, Marco, Gael Saglio Pérez (chorus).

For the live, Matthieu has created the Matthieu Saglio Quartet with Steve Shehan (percussion), Christian Belhomme (piano / keyboard) and Léo Ullmann (violin)... to see absolutely on stage!

Many compositions for theatre and audio-visual productions

Besides his composition work within his own projects, Matthieu is regularly requested for the composition of original sound-tracks for dance, theatre, documentary and film productions.

Matthieu Saglio uses a Schertler sensor.

Matthieu Saglio Quartet

Matthieu Saglio Camino de los Vientos

'El Camino de los Vientos'
CD - 2020

Matthieu Saglio Quartet live

'Live in San Javier'
CD - 2021

Cello Solo

Matthieu Saglio Cello Solo live

'Live en Alcala de Henares'
CD - 2013

Matthieu Saglio Cello Solo CD

'Cello Solo'
CD - 2009

Matthieu Saglio Cello Solo DVD

'Cello Solo Live'
DVD - 2009

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Diouke CD

CD - 2012


Diouke CD

CD - 2018

M.S. & 'el Piru'

MS & Piru CD

'Petit à petit'
CD - 2017


jerez-texas Clar de Lluna

'Clar de Luna (live)'
CD - 2017
(JT prod)

jerez-texas Sun

'Viento y Marea'
CD - 2013

jerez-texas Sun

CD - 2009

jerez-texas Patchwork

CD - 2007

jerez-texas live au Satellit

'Live au Satellit Café'
CD - 2006
(JT prod)

jerez-texas sao

CD - 2005

Ben Yakoub & Saglio

'Danza del

CD - 2009


CD - 2016



'Por los Besos que me das'


Burguitos - zoologico imaginario

'Zoológico imaginario'

(Burguitos Promocions)

aman aman

'Musica i cants sefardis d'Orient i d'Occident'



La Beniterrania

(Cambra Records)

Antoine Villoutreix

Antoine Villoutreix
'Les Vieux souliers'


Les Vieilles Pies

Les Vieilles Pies
'Une vie formidable'