"Femme" - Eva Bertomeu (2005)
4 dancers choreography

"La Chute", Compagnie 14:20 (2012)
with Aragorn Boulanger


"Sólo ante el delirio" - Gerardo Esteve (2006)


El Rojo de las Cerezas” - Emilio Garrido (2010)
Documentary about Lise London and historical memory.

Kigali Shaolin Temple"Kigali Shaolin Temple" - Magali Chirouze (2013)

The Kigali Shaolin Temple is a kung fu club in Rwanda started by a group of young orphans from the genocide. Today, they find fulfilment in passing on their skills and teaching young Rwandans the values of sharing, tolerance and mutual respect.


Retour en Algérie"Retour en Algérie" - Emmanuel Audrain (2013)

Enrolled in Algeria, they were 20 years old, they made war. 50 years later, in the spring of 2013, they went back to that country.


Short film

"Domingo el Amanecedor"- Juanma Romero Gárriz (2015)

"Na tout pour elle" - Djigui Diarra (2016)

TV Documentaries

Santiago Carrillo” (2007)
Semilla de un Consenso” (2007)
 “Siza, espacio personal” (2007)
 “Barcelona, Territori Quinari” (2006)
 “Mi padre” (2006)
El 23F desde dentro” (2007)