Isabel Julve, fire and passion / Matthieu Saglio, the cello with a thousand accents / José “El Piru”, the flamenco guitarist with the velvet fingers: three musicians and as many unique musical spheres, forged along extensive worldwide tours. They combine now their talents to offer a musical experience of great sensitivity, deeply rooted in flamenco and nourished by their friendship. Undulating between joy and sorrow, their thrilling melodies express the whole nuance of human feel.

On stage, Isabel Julve has always been a wonder child. As a kid, she already knew it: she would be a dancer, a singer and an actress. After years traversing the world along with uncountable artists (Salpicao, Jerez Texas, Krama, Isabel Julve Trío, Julvesteve, Alex Conde quintet, Grup instrumental de Valencia, Sedajazz, Tacón Terra, etc.), Isabel achieved  an unanimous recognition from both musicians and public, and is nowadays seen as a true institution on the Valencia scene.

For the last ten years her path has often crossed the one of José “El Piru”. The guitarist with the velvet fingers instinctively knows how to combine his sense of composing and sooth accompanying with the ardour and brilliance of the singer/dancer.

The musical complicity and the friendship which have, for over twenty years, bonded Isabel Julve and Matthieu Saglio, the cello with a thousand accents, with hundreds of concerts given in thirty different countries (Jerez Texas, NES, Cello Solo, Diouke, etc.), naturally led to the creation of the project Amura.

Let yourself be charmed by the breeze of Amura, an ode to humanity rhythmed by the flamenco compás and gorged with shimmering emotions


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